TCG Mounts

WoW TCG is short for World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. WoW TCG cards are collectible cards that players can use to battle against each other outside of the game. It uses a card-game style, and can in many ways be similar to Blizzard’s new game Hearthstone. Players can buy these packs in stores and they sometimes contain codes players can redeem for in-game loot. These are the available mounts you can get. WoW TCG was released in 2006. The WoW TCG was discontinued in 2013, and the cards are no longer being produced. The booster packs came in 20 different expansions, and each expansion contains 3 different loot cards. 1 Uncommon, usually 1 every 11 boosters. 1 Rare, usually 1 every 132 boosters, and Epic loot which usually is 1 every 264 boosters. Some expansions have different rarities on their loot cards. All the TCG mounts listed below are the epic rarity. Meaning they are the rarest reward you could get.